Restored Church ‘Disagreement =/= Hatred’ sermon

I offer my thoughts on Restored Church’s ‘Disagreement =/= Hatred’ sermon in which I was mentioned Today, Pastor Dan Nichols delivered the final sermon in Restored Church’s September sermon series dealing with the topic of sex. Local newspaper The Times Leader reported on the sermon and Nichols was kind enough to provide me with a […]

Pharrell Williams is un’happy’ about atheists

Singer Pharrell Williams has recently made several uninformed comments about atheists and demonstrated a lack of intellectual rigor in basic philosophical argumentation. Pharrell Williams, perhaps most famously tied to his hit song ‘Happy,’ has spoken with a UK magazine about atheists, his supernatural beliefs, and more topics. The Christian Post particularly¬†reports on Williams’ statements on […]

My experience at Restored Church

I recount my experiences at a Restored Church service and offer some critical analysis from a non-religious perspective. My engagement with members, pastors, and messages put forth by the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania-based Restored Church continued today with my attendance at their September 21, 2014 church service within their four-part sermon series on sex which included a […]

Another discussion with Pastor Dan Nichols

I recently spoke with Pastor Dan Nichols whose church, Restored Church in Wilkes-Barre, received national media attention following its display of a billboard reading “I Love Sex” – God. In a recorded audio clip, we speak about the billboard, sex, sexuality, marriage, abortion, politics, marketing Jesus, Christian belief, atheism, philosophy, and much more. Consider also […]