Misericordia University atheism presentation transcript

Earlier today, I delivered a speech concerning atheism and the question ‘does God exist?’ to students studying intercultural communications at Misericordia University in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Below is a transcript of my talk. As always, feel free to leave comments below. — Thanks for having me today. I’m here to talk about atheism and my thoughts concerning […]

Selective action and prayer’s incompatibility with free will

I discuss the incompatibility of prayer with free will and difficulties Christians face in arguing for God’s selective action. Last month, in a piece titled ‘Prayer and the false cause fallacy,’ I argued against common reasoning Christians provide to argue for the efficacy of prayer – that because an event happens following a prayer we can […]

Another discussion with Pastor Dan Nichols

I recently spoke with Pastor Dan Nichols whose church, Restored Church in Wilkes-Barre, received national media attention following its display of a billboard reading “I Love Sex” – God. In a recorded audio clip, we speak about the billboard, sex, sexuality, marriage, abortion, politics, marketing Jesus, Christian belief, atheism, philosophy, and much more. Consider also […]

‘Take it up with God’

I published a short video responding to the response of ‘take it up with God’ religious individuals offer when facing challenges to their religious beliefs. Rather than authoring a lengthy blog post — considering that I favor blog posts near 500 words — I opted to record a spoken word clip for YouTube. Enjoy and, […]

God is very much unlike a Chess master

A response to the problem of natural suffering positing that God, like a Chess master, may have reasons people can’t understand are fraught with failure. I return here to a discussion about the problem of natural suffering — namely that the existence of egregious natural suffering in the world serves as evidence against an all-loving, […]