Appearance on All Politics is Local podcast

I recently spoke with Karla Porter and Mike Supey of the All Politics is Local podcast. We discussed Stoic Philosophy and its practical applications dealing with the topics of control, loss, politics, desire, happiness, and values. We also explored current political topics and reflected on the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. Access the episode here or […]

Video: Television appearance on religion in society

I recently appeared on the WFMZ-TV television program ‘Business Matters’ based in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley representing the NEPA (Northeastern) Pennsylvania Freethought Society for the segment ‘What is the Role of Religion in Today’s Society?’ I appeared on a panel discussion alongside a Catholic representing the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Evangelical Christian representing the Liberty Worship Center, a […]

2009 nativity controversy news footage

In December of 2009, I worked alongside the ACLU to remove unconstitutional religious displays on Luzerne County Courthouse grounds which would later be erected in a more inclusive holiday display. Unfortunately, many of the news articles and videos — to my knowledge — were taken offline, but a friend sent me a recording of one […]

Republican Chairwoman Mary Ann Benitez dishonest about affiliation with skinhead

Lackawanna County Republican Chairwoman Mary Ann Benitez is being dishonest about her associations with the co-founder of Keystone United/Keystone State Skinheads and editor of Yesterday, I attended an Overpasses For America anti-immigration rally organized by Lackawanna County Republican Chairwoman Mary Ann Benitez of the 112th district Mary Ann Benitez. Also in attendance at the rally […]

Biden directs religious propaganda at Islamic State

Joe Biden, remarking on the terrorist group Islamic State, recently invoked Christian religious messaging which very likely empowers Islamists. This week, United States’ Vice President Joe Biden, during a speech in New Hampshire, offered religiously-infused remarks vowing — according to The Washington Post — retaliation toward Islamic State (IS) following its execution of two journalists. Among other […]