Stoicism: Jordan Peterson and Identity Politics

I comment on controversy surrounding Clinical Psychologist and Professor Dr. Jordan Peterson who opposes Canadian Bill C-16; talk about the dangers of identity politics and mob mentality; and offer my thoughts concerning group identity. My Stoic Philosophy video series explores the philosophical tradition of Stoicism with goals to inform, empower, and help others benefit from […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower mag demonizes skeptics

A 2011 piece from the Jehovah’s Witness publication The Watchtower considers apostates to be mentally diseased criminals who should be shunned and avoided. A frequent criticism of organized religion I and others voice is that religion often creates division. While creating division does not necessarily make particular religious ideas false, one can focus on the harm that […]

Can we trust reason if God doesn’t exist?

I respond to the assertion that if the Christian god does not exist we cannot trust our own reasoning. C.S. Lewis and other Christian apologists often formulate arguments such that an atheist has no grounds to trust their own reasoning faculties if it is the case that the universe were not designed by the Christian […]

“Turn your mind off” says Joel Osteen

I respond to Joel Osteen’s anti-intellectual encouragement for people to ‘turn their minds off’ and embrace faith. Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen frequently advances a prominent anti-intellectual attitude of neglecting reason, argument, and evidence in favor of faith within a philosophically barren sphere of Christianity. On October 2, Osteen wrote, “Faith is not in your head. Faith is […]