Responding to “Atheists Tackle Simple Theology and Arguments”

Although I have not received the criticism of “you tackle simple theology and simple arguments” very much, atheists — particularly those labeled “new atheists” (whatever that means) — receive this criticism from their critics. During the recording of the NEPA Freethought Society‘s first podcast, I couldn’t help to think that some of the assertions being made by local individuals were very easy to attack because they seemed quite elementary, fallacious, silly, or otherwise problematic at face value. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) many arguments for gods can’t stand the criticism and are typically very easy to pick apart. Atheists often attack weak arguments and then are criticized for not going after “serious arguments,” but what can we possibly tackle if all of the arguments do not stand philosophical scrutiny? Read More

Critical Thinking About Vegetarianism

I have consumed meat for almost all of my life and never questioned the ethical ramifications of doing so until I started to notice arguments which I have never considered. I have seen, on all sides of the argument, as is with many issues that can get quite heated, really horrible arguments for and against consuming meat, so I am authoring a lengthy blog post that will address common arguments I hear for and against consumption of meat and how these arguments dramatically fail. People need to be philosophically informed…and this post can be quite the journey because I discuss many topics relating to vegetarianism from a philosophical perspective noting, identifying, and explaining various logical fallacies and other failures of sound logic. Read More