Dr. David Kyle Johnson talks about his book “Inception and Philosophy” at Google

He recently spoke for Google:

Information on the book from the Amazon.com page:

Is the top still spinning? Was it all a dream? In the world of Christopher Nolan’s four-time Academy Award-winning movie, people can share one another’s dreams and alter their beliefs and thoughts. Inception is a metaphysical heist film that raises more questions than it answers: Can we know what is real? Can you be held morally responsible for what you do in dreams? What is the nature of dreams, and what do they tell us about the boundaries of “self” and “other”? From Plato to Aristotle and from Descartes to Hume, Inception and Philosophy draws from important philosophical minds to shed new light on the movie’s captivating themes, including the one that everyone talks about: did the top fall down (and does it even matter)?

  • Explores the movie’s key questions and themes, including how we can tell if we’re dreaming or awake, how to make sense of a paradox, and whether or not inception is possible
  • Gives new insights into the nature of free will, time, dreams, and the unconscious mind
  • Discusses different interpretations of the film, and whether or not philosophy can help shed light on which is the “right one”
  • Deepens your understanding of the movie’s multi-layered plot and dream-infiltrating characters, including Dom Cobb, Arthur, Mal, Ariadne, Eames, Saito, and Yusuf

An essential companion for every dedicated Inception fan, this book will enrich your experience of the Inception universe and its complex dreamscape.

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Confidence in science: Faith, fact, or something else?

A discussion in the New York Times starting with an article published on December 21, 2011 titled “On Flu Strains, Folkies and Faith in Science” prompted readers to ponder whether scientific inquiry and discovery will lead humanity down a smoother road, whether scientific inquiry will produce more good than harm (or vice-versa), whether there should be limits on scientific inquiry, and whether ‘faith’ in science is the same kind of faith as, say, religious faith. Read More

Recorded Video – Debate: Does the Christian god exist? Rev. Marcelle Dotson vs. Justin Vacula

I debated Rev. Marcelle Dotson of Field of Grace United Methodist Church in Wilkes-Barre on the topic of “Does the Christian god exist?” on December 19, 2011.

The debate was recorded live from “Jason International Studios” in Mountain Top, PA.

The debate is now available as a recorded version for your viewing pleasure. A audio-only podcast is also available. Visit the NEPA Freethought Society’s Podcast page here.

Feel free to comment below, send me e-mail, etc. I’d love to hear from you.

Rev. Dotson’s e-mail is mdotson@susumc.org


Justin Vacula — co-organizer, spokesperson, and board member of the NEPA Freethought Society — graduated from King’s College with degrees in Philosophy and Psychology, a distinguished award in Philosophy, and a minor in Professional Writing. He regularly publishes articles for Examiner.com as the ‘Scranton Atheism Examiner,’ writes for American Atheists’ “No God Blog,” and publishes posts about “atheism, theism, philosophy, and much more” on his blog at www.justinvacula.com. The NEPA Freethought Society’s website can be found at www.nepafreethought.org.

Rev. Marcelle Dotson, pastor of Field of Grace Community of Faith United Methodist Church holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Smith College, a Master’s of Divinity degree in Theology from Drew University, and a Master of Business Administration from Simmons School of Management. She served as an associate pastor in Manchester and had served the United Methodist Church in Maine. She came to Wilkes-Barre in 2009 to start Field of Grace. United Methodist Church. The website for her church can be found at www.fieldofgraceumc.org.