Have diversity initiatives sabotaged higher education?


Diversity initiatives in higher education, with the intent to foster harmony and understanding of others, seemed to have undermined some of the primary goals of higher education: leading students to critically self-reflect and hold justified true beliefs. Some diversity initiatives have reinforced the very harmful idea that disagreement is disrespectful and have also assented to indefensible epistemiological ideas including ‘all perspectives are equally valid’ and ‘people are justified in holding a belief because it is a product of their culture.’ Harmony can be had — and perhaps better so — as a result of critical discussion that should be encouraged and welcomed instead of discouraged and viewed as disrespectful. 

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Peter Boghossian to appear on NEPA Freethought Society Podcast

Peter Boghossian

Philosopher Peter Boghossian will be appearing on an episode of the NEPA Freethought Society Podcast that will be recorded on May 5 and released on a future date.

Boghossian will be discussing practical strategies that listeners can use to combat faith and promote reason and rationality. He will be specifically addressing effective strategies to challenge faith-based claims, discussing critical thinking and faith in prisons, and explaining effective ways for persons to engage people of faith.

This episode won’t be live to allow for viewer questions during recording, but fans of the podcast may submit questions prior to recording and we’ll try to address them (feel free to leave questions in the comment section of this post).

A response to those who claim offense

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It’s often the case that people are quick to respond to content or people they happen to disagree with with a ‘sit down and shut up’ mentality in which they believe that certain ideas just shouldn’t be discussed. Is this an appropriate attitude to have? In a pluralistic society, I argue, claiming offense and objecting to content — simply because you happen not to like it — is unacceptable and immature.

Throughout my ‘career’ as a ‘professional atheist’ [a label, expressed with derision, that WILK Newsradio host Steve Corbett used to dismissively refer to me on a recent episode of his radio show] many people — no matter how mild my tone is or how much I write that persons should not interpret disagreement as disrespect — claim that my work is offensive. Some people even go so far as to assert that I should cease publishing content, criticizing religious ideas, and simply just ‘sit down and shut up.’ I’ve posted several responses to these concerns in the past, but wish to, in this post, hopefully put this issue of offense and objections to my work to rest.

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Philosophers Gregory Bassham, David Albert critique Lawrence Krauss’ ideas

Dr. Gregory Bassham, chair of the philosophy department at King's College in Pennsylvania

Lawrence Krauss’ recent presentation at American Atheists’ 2012 convention has drawn the ire of philosophers and philosophically-minded persons who take contention not only with what Krauss refers to as ‘nothing’ in his recent book “A Universe From Nothing,” but also with his comments concerning philosophy.

Krauss, in his presentation, asserted that “philosophy is the field that hasn’t progressed in 2000 years whereas science has” and insisted this his definition of ‘nothing’ is correct while saying that philosophers “don’t understand.” Krauss also noted, “…what we mean by something and nothing has completely changed since the time the classical philosophers and theologians first raised the issue. This is an idea I can’t seem to explain to philosophers and theologians.”

Dr. Gregory Bassham — Chair and Professor of Philosophy at King’s College in Pennsylvania whose areas of specialization are popular culture and philosophy, philosophy of law and critical thinking — comments for this article.

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A response to Lawrence Krauss’ comments denigrating philosophy at American Atheists’ 2012 convention


Lawrence Krauss’ speech at American Atheists’ 2012 national convention

Lawrence Krauss is quite a prolific figure in and outside of the secular community. For readers who may not be familiar, Krauss recieved a Ph.D. from MIT, is the Foundation Professor and Director of the Origins Initiative, and is the Co-Director of the Cosmology Initiative at Arizona State University. With these honors that are just a small portion of his impressive CV, I expect a great deal from Krauss and certainly would not expect him to denigrate philosophy and philosophers during his speech at American Atheists’ 2012 convention which I had attended, but I was tremendously disappointed … even though it might have been the case that he may have been angry or ‘in a bad mood’ (I’ll get into the anger issue toward the bottom of the post).

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