Appearance on Road to Reason

I appeared on episode 38 of  Road to Reason — a public access weekly television program broadcasting throughout Fairfax County in Virginia — to discuss my August 31 “Does the Christian god exist?” debate with Reverend Michael Brewster which had taken place within Mount Zion Baptist Church in Wilkes-Barre, PA (watch video, listen to audio of […]

More on moral argument, “we can’t understand God”

Earlier this week, I authored a piece elaborating on my response to a variation of a moral argument for God’s existence Reverend Brewster presented in our August 31 “Does the Christian god exist?” debate (watch video footage or listen to an audio-only recording for more context). Since the debate and my piece, Reverend Brewster has […]

Response to Rev. Brewster’s cosmological argument

Reverend Brewster presented a formulation of a cosmological argument during the August 31 “Does the Christian god exist?” debate I participated in (see video and audio-only versions for context). I will address his claims in this piece by re-presenting some objections I put forth in the debate and providing further analysis of his assertions. Brewster […]