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Posted by on Nov 13, 2011 in arguments, critical thinking, debate, epistemology, logical fallacies, miracles, philosophy, problem of evil, responding to arguments | 4 comments

Curtis/Vacula Debate Series “Does the Christian God Exist?” – Compilation Post

My written debate with JD Curtis on the topic of “Does the Christian God Exist?” has concluded.
All of our statements have been posted on our respective blogs.

All of the linking and foraging though my blog and JD Curtis’s blog might be somewhat annoying (even though I’ve included links in previous posts, so I’ll place everything in this post into various word documents so it looks nice and is easy to access.

Opening Statement by JD Curtis:
First Rebuttal by JD Curtis:
Second Rebuttal by Justin Vacula:
Second Rebuttal by JD Curtis:
Closing statement by JD Curtis:

  • GCT

    So, was it worth it? Do you think this “debate” was fruitful? As far as I can tell, JD is still a clueless, deluded individual.

  • rustywheeler

    Who’s deciding the “winner”? I think the audience was pretty much me and GCT.Well done, btw.

  • GCT

    You’re partly right. I, for some unknown reason, can never get the scribd site to actually display anything for me, so I’ve only been able to read JD’s side.That said, it was quite apparent to me that JD was doing his usual schtick. He cares nothing for consistency or intellectual honesty. He’ll make any argument at any time that he thinks will help his cause and then simply claim he didn’t if it backfires or claim that he doesn’t get why it backfires, as he did with the “Do plants feel pain?” argument, for example. Although I’m not surprised that he didn’t get it that he was just digging a deeper hole on that one.

  • GCT

    BTW, what happened to the comments on your earlier post that you did after the 1st rebuttal?

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