“Debunked Science” admits of openness, progress

Persons who try to discredit science or otherwise are quite skeptical of the scientific enterprise frequently voice the following claim almost immediately betraying a very fundamental misunderstanding: You can’t trust scientific findings! Scientists got it wrong so much in the past and what we think was a fact constantly gets overturned! Everything we know today […]

Confidence in science: Faith, fact, or something else?

A discussion in the New York Times starting with an article published on December 21, 2011 titled “On Flu Strains, Folkies and Faith in Science” prompted readers to ponder whether scientific inquiry and discovery will lead humanity down a smoother road, whether scientific inquiry will produce more good than harm (or vice-versa), whether there should […]

Dr. Steve Novella: Chiropractor Dan Golaszewski practices pseudoscience

I published an article titled “Dr. Steve Novella: Chiropractor Dan Golaszewski practices pseudoscience.” Read this article and more on my Examiner.com page and please subscribe for instant updates. For a longer treatment on this topic, please read my blog post titled “My Skeptical Adventure with Chiropractic: Taking Dr. Dan Golaszewski to task.”