Creationist Ken Ham: Bill Nye “damaging kids,” “doesn’t understand science”

President/CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis — a Christian ministry which has, according to its website, “a desire to train others to develop a biblical worldview, and seek to expose the bankruptcy of evolutionary ideas, and its bedfellow, a “millions of years old” earth (and even older universe) — Ken Ham has released a video on Youtube, included below, responding to the video “Bill Nye: Creationism is Not Appropriate For Children.”

Within the video, Ken Ham calls Bill Nye “the humanist guy” and claims that Bill Nye has an agenda to teach children to not believe in God. Rather than teaching children how to think critically, Ham says, people like Bill Nye want to indoctrinate and brainwash children by teaching them what to think. Ham explains that people like Bill Nye are “damaging kids” by teaching them they are “just animals,” that there is no god, and that they can determine what is right or wrong.

Ham acknowledges Bill Nye had a ‘nice tv show,’ but says that Bill Nye “doesn’t understand science.” Mentioning Bill Nye had worked on airplanes, Ham says that he hopes Bill Nye didn’t apply his “evolutionary principles” to airplanes because he doesn’t want to fly in anything based on chance and random processes.

Watch the video below and feel free to sound off in the comments:

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