Inconsistency, irony, and intrigue in Ireland

While preparing for my trip to the Empowering Women Through Secularism (EWTS) conference — thanks to a fundraiser graciously promoted and funded by supporters — I failed to notice any type of anti-harassment policy listed on the conference’s website and am thus quite befuddled. I praise conference organizers for not implementing an anti-harassment policy, but cannot […]

Do atheist conferences reflect society-at-large?

In recent months, I have been engaged in ongoing discussions pertaining to atheist conferences – questioning bold claims including ‘anti-harassment policies are necessary for women to feel safe at atheist conferences,’ ‘rampant misogyny exists in the atheist community,’ and ‘atheist conferences are unsafe and hostile places for women.’ I have failed to see adequate evidence […]

Friday Google Hangout with Dan Fincke – venue change

The venue of our originally intended discussion concerning feminism and controversies in the atheist/skeptic communities has changed from Brave Hero Radio to Google Hangouts to allow for a more focused debating atmosphere, personal nature, neutral ground, and a platform which may be more accessible and welcoming for prospective listeners. Tune in live Friday, May 31 […]