Inconsistency, irony, and intrigue in Ireland

While preparing for my trip to the Empowering Women Through Secularism (EWTS) conference — thanks to a fundraiser graciously promoted and funded by supporters — I failed to notice any type of anti-harassment policy listed on the conference’s website and am thus quite befuddled. I praise conference organizers for not implementing an anti-harassment policy, but cannot […]

Don’t satirize feminists, but happily draw Mohammad?

I have recently realized tremendous inconsistency within the minds of various secular feminists who bemoan even the mildest satire directed at them but happily endorse an event dubbed Draw Mohammad Day in which secular individuals are encouraged to draw cartoons of Mohammad. At one extreme, satire and drawings of Mohammad — a product of Draw Mohammad […]

Brave Hero Radio – Abbie Smith

Abbie Smith of joins Karla Porter and Justin Vacula Saturday, May 25 at 8PM Eastern for discussion about feminism, current events, controversy in the atheist/skeptic communities, and much more. As always, callers, no matter their viewpoints, are welcome to join the discussion. Call the number on your screen, 718-766-4598, or click the Skype-to-call button on the […]

ReapSowRadio – interview following Women in Secularism 2

I recently appeared on an episode of ReapSowRadio to discuss my experience at the Women in Secularism 2 conference, content presented at the conference, controversy surrounding opening remarks from Ronald Lindsay, and much more. From the respective show page: Reap Paden, Brian Allen and Terry talk about the Women in Secularism conference and Reap talks with Justin Vacula about his experience at […]