There is a secular argument against abortion

David Silverman, president of American Atheists, is right. There is a secular argument against abortion. Confusion arises as people continue to conflate their atheism — lack of belief that any gods exist — with philosophical, political, and social beliefs. Individual atheists — for various reasons (I won’t speculate about their motives in this piece, but […]

Jezebel and Lindy West fail at social justice

Writing for, Lindy West mocked Caucasian Jeopardy contestants adding nothing to what could have been a productive discussion. Lindy West, author at, recently wrote a piece titled “Last Night On Jeopardy No One Wanted to Answer Qs About Black History” [see here without giving Jezebel pageviews]. This piece ridicules “all-white” Jeopardy contestants, as […]

When feminism is incompatible with skepticism

Some feminists within the ‘atheist community’ continue to claim that their particular approaches cohere with skepticism, but words betray their claims. Julia Burke, writing for the organization Secular Woman, dubs 2013 as The Year of Speaking Out, a “remarkable year saw an unprecedented level of public conversation about harassment, inclusion, intersectionality, and what it means […]

Video: My online reputation management panel

Video of the NEPA BlogCon 2013 online reputation management panel discussion I participated in is now available! I was invited to appear on a panel discussion at NEPA BlogCon 2013 — a Northeastern Pennsylvania conference held at Luzerne County Community College concerning blogging, social media, and technology –about online reputation management. The video was recently […]

Brave Hero Radio: EllenBeth Wachs

EllenBeth Wachs – church/state separation activist and immediate past president of the Humanists of Florida Association – joins Karla Porter and Justin Vacula Saturday, July 6 at 8PM Eastern. As always, callers, no matter their viewpoints, are welcome to join the discussion. Call the number on your screen, 718-766-4598, or click the Skype-to-call button on the […]