Republican Chairwoman Mary Ann Benitez dishonest about affiliation with skinhead

Republican Chairwoman and rally organizer Mary Ann Benitez with EAAC Director. Keystone United/Keystone Skinheads founder and Republican Committeeman Steve Smith - Photo:
Republican Chairwoman and rally organizer Mary Ann Benitez with EAAC Director. Keystone United/Keystone Skinheads founder and Republican Committeeman Steve Smith – Photo:

Lackawanna County Republican Chairwoman Mary Ann Benitez is being dishonest about her associations with the co-founder of Keystone United/Keystone State Skinheads and editor of

Yesterday, I attended an Overpasses For America anti-immigration rally organized by Lackawanna County Republican Chairwoman Mary Ann Benitez of the 112th district Mary Ann Benitez. Also in attendance at the rally was Luzerne County Republican Committee member, co-founder of Keystone State Skinheads/Keystone United, director for the European American Action Coalition, and editor for Steve Smith who admitted to pleading guilty for simple assault and ethnic intimidation following a 2003 arrest. Read about my experiences at the rally here.

Today, following sharing of my blog post on the event’s Facebook page (which was later mysteriously removed), I received a private message from Mary Ann Benitez who asked me to remove my picture of her from my blog post because she feared for her safety and the safety of her children. She explained that she also contacted Steve Smith [whom she was pictured with] asking him to remove her picture from

I told her that I was confused because as the rally organizer she had taken photos with others and appeared in-person engaging with the public. If she didn’t want her photo online, why would she be so public and consent to being in photographs? Additionally, her picture was on for months.

She informed me that she didn’t know the photos of her were public and that she isn’t a racist or member of a “skin head” group (her use of quotes) and that anyone is welcome to attend her rallies provided they are respectful. She explained that she doesn’t ask ralliers what they do and that they are not allowed to advertise what they do.

Photo of Benitez which appeared on which has now been taken down, but still appears in Google results presumably through's media library
Photo of Benitez which appeared on which has now been taken down, but still appears in Google results presumably through’s media library

I suggested she release a statement disassociating herself with Keystone State Skinheads/Keystone United/some of the rally attendees and informed her that people will associate her with rally attendees should they continue to demonstrate together. I also agreed to remove the picture of her on my website.

Hours after removing the picture of Mary Ann Benitez from my website, I have since restored the picture due to her tremendous dishonesty and obvious knowledge about her affiliations with Steve Smith and Keystone State Skinheads/Keystone United. At first, as a precautionary measure and a gesture of good will, I removed the picture, but now I have again posted the picture and will explain why.

Benitez uploads her own picture on a public section of her Facebook profile.
Benitez uploads her own picture on a public section of her Facebook profile.

Mary Ann Benitez is being profoundly dishonest. A casual look of her Facebook activity on her semi-public profile reveals that she knew the photo of her with Smith was public, that she interacted with Smith on Facebook (after adding him as a friend in July of 2014), and that she was joyfully participating in a recorded video.

Benitez joyfully appears in public video
Benitez joyfully appears in public video








Benitez gives a 'like' to the public video
Benitez gives a ‘like’ to the public video
ScreenHunter_316 Oct. 19 21.15
Benitez adds Smith as a Facebook friend

First, Benitez added Steve Smith — the man whose activities outside of the rally she claimed she did not know about — as a Facebook friend on July 19 of 2013. Soon after adding Steve Smith as a Facebook friend, she must have clearly seen the content Smith posted dealing with his work with the European American Action Coalition/ Clearly adding someone as a friend on Facebook does not signify endorsement of their activity, but Benitez has interacted with Smith on a much deeper level than simply adding him as a friend as I will explain.

ScreenHunter_316 Oct. 19 21.10
Smith advertises at Benitez’ rally

One day after Benitez added Smith as a Facebook friend, Smith posted a picture from Benitez’ rally in which Smith and others had posed with a banner for the European American Action Coalition/ – clearly running contrary to Benitez’ claim that people are not allowed to advertise at her rally.

While Benitez may have not seen this banner at the rally (extremely doubtful), Benitez has almost certainly seen this picture on Facebook and would then be aware of Smith’s affiliation…and if she would not know at this time, it surely would be soon as she would further interact with Smith.

On July 19, a rally attendee — Frank Scavo — uploaded a video of Benitez’ July rally in which Benitez not only appeared (see a still above), but also gave a like on Facebook (see image above) – clearly acknowledging that she aware of the video and just fine with being videotaped.

In addition to appearing in the video, Benitez had a photo taken with Smith (the photo she wanted me to remove which was also featured on that Smith posted on Facebook. Benitez, tagged in the photo, wrote “Thank you so much for coming today” [apparently also neglecting to notice Smith’s European American Action Coalition t-shirt and not wanting her photo to be public].

Benitez appears in photo with Smith, is tagged in the photo, comments on the photo, and thanks Smith for attending.
Benitez appears in photo with Smith, is tagged in the photo, comments on the photo, and thanks Smith for attending.

On July 20, Benitez interacted with Smith on Facebook following his uploading of a cover photo from the rally. Benitez, presumably after looking at content from Smith’s page (and surely seeing his advertisement of at her rally) commented on the cover photo writing, “This pic is just Awesome.”

ScreenHunter_316 Oct. 19 21.09

On August 16, at another overpass rally presumably again organized by Benitez, Smith tagged Benitez on his Facebook profile noting that he was with her at the rally. Benitez also commented on the photo’s thread tagging someone named ‘Tyr Rogers,’ asking where he was, and hoping that a woman named Lisa Burns Griffiths would attend a September 13 overpass rally (also presumably hosted by Benitez).

ScreenHunter_316 Oct. 19 21.08


Apparently, up until I wrote about my experience at Benitez’ rally and featured her picture on my site, Benitez had no problem with her photo with Smith being public, being tagged in her own photo, appearing in a public video, and uploading her own picture on Facebook. …and now all of the sudden she claims that she and her children are in danger.

If she were concerned about her safety and did not want her photo online, why would she not have contacted Smith prior to my posting — asking for the Facebook photo to be removed — and untagging herself from the photo? Why would she not delete a Facebook photo of herself? Why would she not ask Frank Scavo to remove the video?

One of Smith's many interesting Facebook posts...
One of Smith’s many interesting Facebook posts…

Although she claims to not know about Smith’s activities outside of attending her rally, she’s added Smith as a Facebook friend, interacted with him on Facebook on multiple occasions, is almost certainly aware that he advertised at her rally (despite saying no advertisements were allowed), and has almost certainly seen his Facebook activity apart from rally-related events.

I don’t buy it. Benitez is being profoundly dishonest. As an elected official, she should be held accountable for her dishonesty and affiliations with former member of Keystone United/Keystone State Skinheads Steven Smith and

While she may not be a skinhead or a member of Smith’s organizations, she gleefully welcomes Smith and members of his organization at her events, has appeared in a photograph with Smith, and has issued no repudiation whatsoever about Smith’s activities. She says he is welcome at her rallies and that she has no problem with this provided he is respectful.

Please share this post to make people aware of Benitez’ affiliations and to inform voters and members of the Republican Party in Lackawanna County — the county in which she serves as Lackawanna County Chairwoman of the 112th district — about her activities. Consider also contacting the Lackawanna County Republican Party. Thank you.

As always, feel free to comment below.

Justin Vacula

Justin Vacula hosts the Stoic Philosophy Podcast; serves as co-organizer and spokesperson for the Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) Freethought Society; and has hosted monthly Stoic Philosophy discussion groups for the Humanist Association of Greater Philadelphia.

He has appeared on and hosted various radio shows and podcasts; participated in formal debates and discussions; was a guest speaker for college-level courses; was featured in local, national, and international news; and has been invited to speak at various national, local, and statewide events.

Vacula received bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Psychology, a minor in Professional Writing, and the distinguished W.A. Kilburn Memorial Award for Philosophy from King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He is currently living in the Scranton, PA area attending Marywood University’s graduate-level Mental Health Counseling program and has worked with the Arc of Luzerne County’s Transition to Community Employment program as a teacher’s assistant and job coach alongside adult learners with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

He also plays poker; volunteers as a member of the website and media team for the Greyhawk Reborn Dungeons & Dragons campaign while playing at events in the Eastern United States; and enjoys metal music.

  • Wendy

    All I have to say is Benitez is a Spanish name and hence such person should not associate with radicals mainly if she is a political person that should be non bias. She would not be here or her husband if that’s his last name if there was not to be any immigration.

  • I can only hope you would feel and do the same about any black politicians/public servants with ties to Black Power organizations, or any Hispanic politicians/public servants with ties to La Raza, or sympathy for the Reconquista movement.

    The difference is, people who support those movements, no matter how extreme, don’t generally have to hide their ethnic interest in order to have a voice in public, or keep their jobs, whereas she likely does.

    Does having a sense of ethnicity or ethnic interests mean that she can’t possibly be a good politician or public servant for all? If so, is that true of everyone, or only white folks?

  • Bob

    Mr. Vacula, you are an agent of hate. I don’t know who in your life ever hurt you so badly, but it’s a pity that you stand at the ready to verbally assault anyone who stands for decency and disagrees with your poisoned mindset. Your cordial queries in person are but a cloak for your seething anger. Oh, and you are an intellectual coward. You play the atheist only b/c you believe that this confers upon you intellectual respectability. Yet, you are afraid to challenge yourself, and earnestly seek answers to paradoxical questions about the origins of life. Which evolved first, muscles, bones, tendons or ligaments? All must be in place at once. Yet your mind scampers through such a mystery like Adrian Peterson would storm through a high school defensive line. Silly beliefs could be forgiven, except for the fact that you are a duplicitous bully who assaults people through guilt by association, and by a twisting of facts in such a way that turns light into darkness, and nether regions into oases. I hope you find peace one day, Sir.

    • I don’t know where you’re finding verbal assaults from me. I do, though, see you calling me a bully, an agent of hate, etc…

      My lack of belief in any gods and activism associated with it is not the result of past harm, but rather an evaluation of arguments theists provide and a realization that the arguments are not sufficient to warrant belief. I’ve responded to several of the arguments on this blog and in public debates on several occasions.

      Your question about evolution is irrelevant to whether a god exists. Even if it is the case that I can’t explain a certain phenomena this does not mean one is justified in believing a god exists, Just because there is mystery or something complex does not allow one to postulate a God or any other supernatural force is responsible. Evolution, anyway, is a very gradual process.

      The guilt by association here is quite valid. As I have shown, there is a good deal of interaction and reason to believe Benitez is aware of Smith’s activities and activities of those with skinhead affiliations who attended her rally numerous times – at least on one occasion them advertising at her rally. Anyway…now she knows about them if she didn’t before (which is quite implausible). Where is the condemnation? I’ll be happy to post a response she may have and/or new of her not welcoming skinheads to her rallies.

    • Michael Gray


      “Bob”, (Note that “Bob” is too cowardly to post her outrageous lies under her real name), you have this entirely backwards:- a mirror-image of reality.

      It takes some intellectual muscle to do what you achieved in that comment: Not an iota, not a single smidgen was based on either reality or truth!

      Truly astounding, especially from an anonymous and stunningly undereducated coward.

      But, as a non-Yank, I have come to expect your brand of wimpy anonymous parochial insular gutless ignorant attack on someone who actually does the hard-yards to reduce the damage that is wrought by the fraud that is religion.

      I have never witnessed Justin doing anything even approaching the like of which you accuse him, quite the reverse.

      He is a Gentleman, through and through.

      You are either a very clever troll or, (more likely), a truly dense ignorant cretin. (Who seems to be curiously proud to be such)

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