Vandal Joe McDonald’s father is not happy

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Joe McDonald — admitted vandal (listen to the radio recording) of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “Let reason prevail” banner which was placed on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre, PA following city approval — is continuing to make his views known while interacting with commenters on the article and video for the news story which includes evidence of his vandalism. At the time of posting this entry, 333 comments — quite an unprecedented number — are posted on the WNEP article/video…many of which are from Joe McDonald.

A new poster who has entered the comment section, Bill McDonald, posing as Joe’s father (and seemingly acknowledged by Joe), is quite disappointed with his son. Here are some interesting exchanges:





“Well I have three other children, none of them ever broke the law. One college graduate, one technical school graduate, the other high school. All go to work everyday and earn a living. Three out of four ain’t bad.”







“Thanks for the support, it is an embarrassing situation, and he’s gonna hear about it when he comes over for Christmas dinner that’s if he’s not in jail.”








“Please don’t involve me in my son’s mess. I have already stated I did not approve of his actions. […] What he did is both illegal and unchristian. I approve his desire to defend the faith, but not the way he did.”





“When did I condone my son’s actions? I appreciate that he feels a need to defend his faith, but believe me I do not approve of his act of vandalism. […] Mr. Vacula has a right to post his banner and believe or not believe what he likes. I personally couldn’t care less.”





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