August 31 debate update

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Rev. Michael Brewster (left) and Justin Vacula (right)
Rev. Michael Brewster (left) and Justin Vacula (right)

I will be debating Reverend Michael Brewster on the topic of “Does the Christian god exist?” this Saturday — August 31 — in an open to the public event within Mount Zion Baptist Church of Wilkes-Barre, PA. The event will also be streamed live and online via Brave Hero Radio for those who cannot attend in-person. More information about the debate, including the initial release, may be found here.

Last weekend, Reverend Brewster and I agreed on all details concerning the debate. Following our in-person meeting, I released full information — including the location within Mount Zion — pertaining to the debate. Our debate was originally scheduled to be in Mount Zion’s Miller Hall, but has now moved — upon Reverend Brewster’s decision — to the main worship hall in which church services are traditionally held.

Those attending the debate, instead of being directed to Miller Hall via signs posted inside and outside the church, will now be directed to the main worship hall. Thankfully, the location of the debate is still within Mount Zion Baptist Church; little has changed.

I hope to see you in-person on August 31! If you cannot attend the debate in person, please listen via Brave Hero Radio. I appreciate your support and interest in this first of its kind community event. I will be happy to meet with in-person attendees of the debate following the event and/or preceding the event. Audience members of the debate are also welcome to attend the NEPA Freethought Society’s August monthly meeting at 3PM prior to the debate which starts at 6PM. RSVP for and find more details about the meeting here.

Thanks again for Pastor Brewster’s help in coordinating this event and offering his church as our meeting place for the debate. I also appreciate the move from Mount Zion’s Miller Hall to the main worship hall although the decision was a late one. Debate within the main worship hall allows for more room, will allow for better recording, and may seat more people. I hope to see not only like-minded freethinkers, but also hope to see members of Pastor Brewster’s congregation and other new faces. See you Saturday!

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