“Women and the Secular Community” Discussion Available

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Karla Porter, who previously joined Rodney Collins and I for a discussion of religion and the workplace, joined me for a live episode of the NEPA Freethought Society Podcast via its Livestream channel concerning women and the secular community. We spoke of many different subjects under this topic: discussion of various issues in the atheist blogosphere (particularly Skepchick.org and Freethought Blogs), harassment at conventions, sexism, anti-harassment conference policies, ‘conference culture,’ alleged cyberstalking, and effective strategies to deter and respond to harassment. Also discussed was Paula Kirby’s letter “The Sisterhood of the Oppressed.”

Following discussion, various callers — via Skype — called in to make comments and ask questions.

0:00 to 49:40

Caller EllenBeth Wachs
Atheist Activist
Humanists of Florida Association

Caller Paul Loebe
Assistant Military director and Marine Liason for American Atheists
Contributor to blog “Rock Beyond Belief

Caller Ivana Westin

Discussion follows Ivanna with comments from chatroom

The chat log — and a very respectful one at that — is here.

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