Monday: Online, live discussion on women in the secular community

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Karla Porter and Justin Vacula

From the associated Facebook event page where you can RSVP:

The NEPA Freethought Society Podcast will be having a very special Livestream episode (streaming at featuring Karla Porter and Justin Vacula concerning an ongoing discussion in the secular community — more specifically in the blogosphere — regarding women in the secular community this Monday at 8PM EST.

Topics to be discussed are sexism, harassment at conferences, anti-harassment conference policies, harassment, tone, specific posts and comments by identified feminist bloggers, and much more.

After initial discussion between Karla and Justin for about thirty minutes, podcast producer Jason Gogola will open Skype lines — using the handle NEPAfreethought — for callers. All are welcome to call to weigh in on the issues. If you write about these issues or otherwise are considered a prominent voice on these issues — no matter the viewpoint — and would like priority in the call list, please e-mail Feel free, too, to share this with others who may be interested.

Let’s talk about the issues and have a productive discussion, please :)

More information about the podcast and past episodes:

If you can’t attend the online stream, the show will be archived almost immediately following the online stream. Tune in, though, if you can.

Karla Porter has appeared on a past episode of the NEPA Freethought Society Podcast concerning religion and the workplace ( She is one of the four organizers — all of which are female — of the upcoming 2012 NEPA BlogCon ( Karla Porter works with organizations that want to achieve employer of choice status, are interested in attracting candidates who will develop into employee brand advocates that drive growth and continued success, embrace diversity, desire a culture of innovation and excellence, want to enrich the community and reward superior performance with celebrity. More information about Karla is here: (

Justin Vacula — the host of the podcast and the spokesperson/co-organizer of the NEPA Freethought Society — is an outspoken atheist and community activist from Northeastern Pennsylvania. Vacula will be speaking at the upcoming 2012 Secular Student Alliance conference concerning being an atheist on religious campuses. He publishes blog posts at and writes articles for Vacula is best-known for proposing what was dubbed — by Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta — ‘the most inoffensive atheist bus ad ever’ (which was rejected by a county transit authority), enduring legal threats following his criticism of a chiropractor who blends theology with pseudoscience, and publicly challenging the constitutionality of a county courthouse’s religious holiday display.


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