A-News Podcast: Episode 5

I was recently a special guest — along with Bridget Gaudette of Secular Woman — on episode five of the A-News Podcast hosted by Brian Allen and Lee Moore. Go to the A-News website to listen/download.

Discussed was Christian cannibals, Chick-Fil-A, Secular Woman, the Skepchick blog network, my upcoming debate with Dr. Ronda Chervin, recent controversy in the secular community, William Lane Craig, Santa Claus, and more. Enjoy.

Religious Campuses panel – SSA 2012 annual conference

I was invited to be one of the four panelists for the ‘Religious Campuses’ panel at the Secular Student Alliance’s 2012 annual conference. I spoke about my experience as an atheist at King’s College (the Catholic university I attended for undergraduate studies) and Marywood University (the Catholic university I am currently attending as a graduate student).

In addition to the expected informative nature of this unique panel discussion, many laughs were had by the audience. One of the funniest moments of the panel discussion, at least on my behalf, might have been my recounting an interesting experience [around the 28-minute mark] in which I — a vegetarian — objected to the ‘hostage situation’ concerning King’s College dining services facilities locking meat products in coolers during Lent (forbidding employees from preparing and serving meat products apparently was not enough).

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Full audio and some text from my HACS talk

On July 17 of 2012, I appeared as a special guest for a philosophy class titled “Atheism and the New Atheism” for students at Holy Apostles College and Seminary – an evangelical Catholic university in Connecticut. I delivered an opening speech and participated in a question and answer session which followed. The entire event lasted one hour and thirteen minutes.

As promised, the full audio of the event was released and has been made available to the public thanks to Dr. Mahfood. Stream the audio here or download the ZIP file here. The audio is unfortunately spotty at points. I may release a re-mastered version of the audio at a later date.

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Appearance on ApartmentJ podcast

I was an unexpected guest on the July 6th episode of the ApartmentJ podcast with Brian Allen and Reap Paden. Initially, I called Reap for a chat and was unaware of him recording on Brian’s podcast…so I ended up chatting for the podcast.

I start talking around the 22 minute mark concerning the discussion of women in the secular community, sexual harassment at skeptic/atheist conventions, and more.

Around the 56 minute mark — after I discovered that I was on a comedy podcast and the discussion turned — I spoke about one of my favorite documentaries (Zoo). Following was discussion about pornography, sex (those immoral atheists!), hoverboards, beer, an alleged ‘fart cure,’ and ‘do this or die’ scenarios.

Enjoy this not safe for work podcast :)

Speaking for Atheism and New Atheism class at evangelical Catholic university

[June 28 Update:
I appeared on a radio show to discuss the upcoming talk. Feel free to listen.]

[July 17 Update:
The full audio, and more information, is available here.]

I received a unique opportunity from Dr. Sebastian Mahfood [a professor who holds a Master’s in philosophy and a doctorate in post-colonial literature and theory] of Holy Apostles College and Seminary — a fully-accredited Catholic school in Connecticut offering graduate and undergraduate programs — to be a guest speaker for a class in the latter part of July titled “Atheism and New Atheism” representing, of course, an atheistic perspective.

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