Foundation Beyond Belief: A Charity Atheists (and everyone else) Can Support

At any given moment, one can consider the breadth of ongoing issues in the world whether they be children dying in Kenyan famines, psychics deceiving and taking money from persons in difficult times, discrimination facing the LGBT and atheist communities, or the current ratio of wealth of CEOs to the median-wage worker in the United States and feel tremendously overwhelmed. As very limited humans, we can’t possibly address every issue because of financial limitations, educational limitations, lack of a platform for speech or audience, confidence, and many other issues. While one person — or one group of persons — can’t possibly solve or address every issue in the world, individuals can use their talents or donate money (if they are able to do so) to causes they view (and are evidentially-based) as effective. Read More

Atheism, Dating, and an Evangelical Christian who tried to convert me

For the past two years as an atheist, I have realized that dating was quite a difficult affair, but even before being an atheist, I noted that it’s quite difficult to have meaningful relationships with those who don’t value learning, knowledge, and intellectual pursuits. Since I have become an atheist, I have learned so much and am quite a different person than I was when I was a theist. Now, for example, I listen to a large number of science podcasts, know logical fallacies like the back of my hand and notice them everywhere, question so many claims that I would have been content with in the past or otherwise would not have noticed, etc. Read More

Critical Thinking About Vegetarianism

I have consumed meat for almost all of my life and never questioned the ethical ramifications of doing so until I started to notice arguments which I have never considered. I have seen, on all sides of the argument, as is with many issues that can get quite heated, really horrible arguments for and against consuming meat, so I am authoring a lengthy blog post that will address common arguments I hear for and against consumption of meat and how these arguments dramatically fail. People need to be philosophically informed…and this post can be quite the journey because I discuss many topics relating to vegetarianism from a philosophical perspective noting, identifying, and explaining various logical fallacies and other failures of sound logic. Read More