NEPA Freethought Society Podcast #13 – Religion, Psychology, and the Secular Therapist Project with Dr. Darrel Ray

From the podcast episode’s page where you can find the episode itself and links mentioned in the show description: Podcast Topic: In this episode – largely a conversation between Dr. Ray and the podcast’s host Justin Vacula — Dr. Ray speaks about the secular therapist project and related topics such as the potential harm of […]

The failure of the Christian response to the death of Tyler Winstead

In a previous post, I analyzed and aggregated many of the comments some Christians in my community were voicing in response to the shooting death of a 14-year-old boy named Tyler Winstead. In particular (and as expected for better or for worse), Rev. Michael Brewster of Mount Zion Baptist Church received a great deal of coverage […]

The vapid Christian response to the death of Tyler Winstead

(Image from Citizen’s Voice article) For those who are not from Northeastern Pennsylvania — or otherwise do not know — a 14-year-old boy named Tyler Winstead was recently shot and killed while walking home from playing basketball at a Christian Youth Center by an assailant who is still at large and unknown. Local media has described Winstead as a […]