#TAM2014 fundraiser follow-up, success

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Live-tweeting from Women in Secularism 2
Live-tweeting from Women in Secularism 2

Thanks to those who helped make my #TAM2014 fundraiser successful.

Last month, I launched a fundraiser to facilitate my attendance at the James Randi Educational Foundation’s 2014 annual conference dubbed The Amaz!ng Meeting. The fundraiser was successful and, because of this, most of my expenses will be covered.

During the conference I will meet with donors who, through perks, selected special t-shirts for me to wear during conference days.

Conference attendees who received other perks may meet me in-person at the conference to obtain perks (minus the postcards which will be mailed). Donors who will not be attending #TAM2014 will receive perks via postal mail.

As previously promised, I will be live-tweeting from the event – posting updates and selected speaker quotes/ideas. I will also seek to interview conference attendees and speakers; author blog posts; and release Facebook updates.

I neglected to author a follow-up piece concerning the fundraiser because I wanted to focus on my recent efforts of opposing government-led Judeo-Christian prayer and providing secular alternatives at Wilkes-Barre City Council meetings (see the ‘council prayer‘ category for a detailed history). I now take the time, although I am slightly late, to publicly thank supporters – this time on my website.

I raised $1000 from donors and, to reduce the fees associated with Indiegogo flexible campaign fundraisers (if flexible fundraisers fail to reach their goal a larger percentage is charged as a fundraising fee), I kicked in $200 of my own money (see contributor ‘justinvacula1’ – named so because I had to log out to contribute).

Although I didn’t reach the $1200 goal wholly from donors’ contributions, I am very appreciative and am satisfied because attending #TAM2014 went from outside of my price range to affordable. I am looking forward to learning from and reporting on the event. Thanks for your help.

Look forward to more content in coming days on my website related to my secular activism. My right-to-know requests filed with the city of Wilkes-Barre were answered and I will soon release the information with added commentary.

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