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Posted by on Apr 20, 2013 in arguments, critical thinking, gender, government, local, me in the media, my appearances, politics, responding to arguments | 1 comment

Recording of my appearance on David Madeira Show

I was invited to appear on the April 19 episode of the Pennsylvania-based David Madeira talkradio show to discuss a recent piece and term paper I had written concerning the ”gender wage gap.’

Listen to the clip on Soundcloud here:

Listen to the full episode the clip was taken from here on the David Madeira Show website.

  • Nice interview Justin, it went very well. I find it interesting you have delved into workforce economics. The only comments I have are non gender specific in regard to earnings. I recommend individuals analyze how they want to spend their career by what they have the aptitude, skills, abilities and intellect for. That may or may not end up being a well paying profession (regardless of gender) – however, compensation isn’t only monetary. Additionally, due to life circumstances, some people will never feel they have the option of ‘choice’ when it comes to a career. They will toil away the years in low paying manual labor jobs out of family obligation from a young age – kind of like being in a well and not being able to see the way out. This typically happens more in under served households and families where education is not highly valued and encouraged.