FFRF to Wilkes-Barre: Investigate vandalism

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The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) authored a letter addressed to Wilkes-Barre’s mayor Thomas Leighton demanding that the city restore the vandalized “Let reason prevail” banner and prosecute the individual who was videotaped vandalizing the banner.

Today, the FFRF has reproduced their letter as a news release noting, among other things, that it has now been five days since the banner was vandalized…and the vandal has not been prosecuted nor has the banner been restored.

Here is an excerpt:

It is extremely troubling that Mr. McDonald climbed the structure at Public Square, vandalized FFRF’s property, and placed his own display (an American flag) without the requisite permit. At this point, the police have not announced that they have ticketed, arrested or talked with Mr. McDonald. The City should take swift action to report this incident to the police, request that an investigation be commenced and charges brought against Mr. McDonald. The City must take appropriate steps to ensure Mr. McDonald is cited for his wrongdoing.

We would appreciate a response regarding this letter so that we may notify Justin Vacula and our local members of the steps the City of Wilkes-Barre is taking to ensure First Amendment rights of its citizens are protected. Thanks in advance for your time and attention to this matter.

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