Dr. Peter Boghossian to appear on National Progressive Talk Radio

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Dr. Peter Boghossian — Professor of Philosophy at Portland State University who was recently strangely featured as a cardboard cutout in a video created by Christians who called him a demagogue — will be appearing on an episode of National Progressive Talk Radio titled “Faith a Cognitive Sickness” streaming online at 9:00PM on September 2nd.

The episode description and a short biography of Dr. Boghossian is as follows:

Dr. Peter Boghossian’s main focus is bringing the tools of professional philosophers to people in a wide variety of contexts. Peter has a teaching pedigree spanning more than 20 years and 30 thousand students–in prisons, hospitals, public and private schools, seminaries, colleges and universities, Fortune 100 companies and small businesses. His fundamental objective is to teach people how to think through what often seem to be intractable problems.

Peter’s primary research areas are critical thinking and moral reasoning.  His doctoral research studies, funded by the State of Oregon and supported by the Oregon Department of Corrections, consisted of using the Socratic method to help prison inmates to increase their critical thinking and moral reasoning abilities and to increase their desistance to criminal behavior.  

Peter’s publications can be found in Diálogos, Education Policy Analysis Archives, The Clearing House: Educational Research Controversy and Practices, The Radical Academy; Offender Programs Report, Teaching Philosophy, Corrections Today, Informal Logic, The Skeptic, Journal of Philosophy of Education, Educational Philosophy and Theory, Inside Higher Ed, Essays in Philosophy, Federal Probation Journal, and the Journal of Correctional Education.

His work has been noted onThe Huffington Post, The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason, and other media outlets; he was an invited guest on the Lars Larson Show, interviewed for the cover story of the Mercury, and advocated via social media by the Executive Director of the Skeptic Society, Michael Shermer, and bestselling author and head of Project Reason, Sam Harris. 

Tune in to this episode and hear an up-and-coming voice in the — as Massimo Pigliucci calls it — community of reason.

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