Newville, PA school removes prayer from school board meetings

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Big Spring High School in Newville, Pennsylvania will be departing from its tradition of prayer at public meetings and will now be adhering to the tradition of separation of church and state. Today, Wilbur Wolf Jr. — the president of the school board — had announced that prayer will no longer be taking place at public meetings according to an article in The Sentinel.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) had sent a letter to the school board citing various court decisions which noted that prayer taking place at school board meetings is unconstitutional. Capital Area Director and Treasurer Carl Silverman of the group Pennsylvania Nonbelievers had alerted the FFRF to this violation.

Wolf Jr. had said that the school board regrets the decision of removing prayer after noting that legal costs which the district would incur in an attempt to defend the inclusion of prayer would be too costly. While it is a shame that Wolf Jr. would not simply admit that prayer in school meetings is unconstitutional, the prayer has been removed and the secular character of the United States has been strengthened.

As expected, some are upset with the decision. One person commenting on the article notes,

Why….you can’t stand up for God… do every Sunday or is that just the one day that you believe in Him? Get a backbone….stand up for God…are you afraid to show the school district that you believe in God…and will fight for him… he gave his life for you…..

More information concerning this story will be available tomorrow.

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