11/10/11 – Speaking Appearance

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I previously posted that I’ll be appearing at a PA Nonbelievers meeting on 11/10/11 and speaking, but I’d like to re-post and provide more information. The presentation I will be giving will be titled “The Luzerne County Christmas Display Incident.” I will be talking the ‘nativity scene controversy’ that I was the center of, the importance of activism, and my response to the public outcry.

Background: In December of 2009, I filed a complaint with the ACLU regarding a religious display on the lawn of the Luzerne County Courthouse. The county recognized that the display was illegal and removed it. A massive campaign of hate waged against me and the ACLU ensued and a largely ignorant base of ‘loving Christians’ sent me a tremendous amount of hate mail including but not limited to physical threats, after-death threats, calls for my expulsion from college, and general nastiness. More information can be found in my ‘Nativity Controversy/Hate Mail’ tab.

November 10
6:45 PM

Issac’s Deli

1200 W. Market Street

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