More Hate From King’s Students

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I love hate mail from King’s College students. It’s great for blog fodder, entertainment, and proves many of my points that I put forth in my blog posts. Instead of actually responding to arguments, some people will just levy personal attacks [and ignore what I say].

I find it funny that people say “no one is impressed when you have a blog” when I constantly have people commenting and discussing my posts saying things like “great job,” “you write really well,” etc. I’m not huge by any means, but my blog is getting a huge amount of traffic and it’s quite fun. I enjoy writing and I enjoy having others interact with my ideas. People obviously are impressed by my blog.

I find it funny that people think I am arrogant when I constantly post things like “I’ll change any and all of my beliefs provided new evidence and argument comes in.” I hate the notion of absolute certainty and would never say that I am absolutely certain on anything. I always welcome people to disagree with me.

I still enjoy the argument of “it doesn’t hurt anyone” being a justification to leave things alone. Many violations of the law certainly don’t physically harm anyone, but are violations regardless. Should we leave things alone just because no one is harmed? I think not. Separation of church and state is a very important issue that people should support.

I do wear my accomplishments as badges of honor; my actions made a difference in this community and I was able to voice my opinion in a very public forum. I endured the criticism, wasn’t wavered by the threats, and didn’t shut up.

I don’t expect anyone to care whether or not I call in the Corbett show. I enjoy the radio show and like participating in discussion.

I’m not sure what the Atheist tonight show is…

I do enjoy the publicity and attention. It’s nice to be heard. Publicity doesn’t drive my actions, though. I stand up for just causes and fight for what is right regardless of what other people think. I ask questions, challenge that which is supposed to be unchallengeable, and make people think.

I’m not harming anyone by any means…I’m simply asking questions and trying to make a difference in this world. People are thinking. People are reading arguments that they haven’t heard before. More people are becoming non-religious. People are coming out of the “atheist closet” and are making a difference. The tides are turning.

The purpose of this blog is to clear up common misconceptions about commonly held beliefs (religious and others) to make people think, sharpen critical thinking skills, and for me to keep a log of my thoughts. Even moderate theists enjoy my blog. If they disagree, they can post (hopefully good arguments) and we can discuss the issues at hand. People can also read what I have to say and might possibly reconsider opinions.

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