Episode 92: David Silverman on Injustice

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Dave speaks about injustice he sees from the political left adding his personal experience recovering from #metoo allegations he argues are unsubstantiated. Dave also talks about guilt, the danger of groupthink, depression, anger, and friendship.

I’ve been meaning to record this episode for some time following Dave speaking out after months of silence. Initially, and still to this day, some see Dave as an abuser, but after reading his side of the story complemented with testimony from others, I see no good reason to believe the accusations levied against Dave.

David and I started to talk about the concept of justice, but the conversation went more into his personal story and insights reflecting on his time as president of American Atheists and chair of the 2012 Reason Rally. Dave was one of the most — if not the most — public-facing individuals challenging religion and advocating for church/state separation with his brand of firebrand atheism even appearing on Fox News challenging Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.

Years ago, Dave and I butted heads. He was deep into social justice and feminism, but now the situation is quite different as Dave has left the far left. He’s apologized for his past behavior and I’m happy to accept his apology. We chatted for more than an hour, but unfortunately some audio was lost due to some technical problems.

Show notes:

Dave’s website Firebrand For Good explaining why he is innocent

Jamie Kilstein appears on Joe Rogan show following #metoo allegation:

Delve further:

September 2019: David speaks following allegation:

Feb 2020: One of David Silverman’s accusers responds:

Feb 2020: David Silverman court hearing audio, judge denies restraining order against Dave:


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