Chill Girls in Pink Corvettes podcast appearance

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I was invited to appear on episode two of the new “Chill Girls in Pink Corvettes” podcast with @reneehendricks, @woolybumblebee, and @jeh74 (‘Outwest’) to discuss secular/atheist activism and current controversy in the atheist/skeptic communities.

How can people get involved in secular/atheist activism? How can people who shy away from controversy contribute? What sort of pushback can atheist/secular activists expect to face? Is atheism a mark of intelligence? Are all atheists critical thinkers and skeptics? What is going on with PZ Myers, Ophelia Benson, Freethought Blogs, and why are some people so upset with them? What is the Slymepit?

Listen: “Episode 2: Chatting with Justin Vacula

Find the answers to these questions and more within the podcast. Enjoy! Feel free to leave feedback, questions, and objections in the comments.

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