God’s plan and the Republican National Convention

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This weekend has contained various news reports concerning the possibility of Hurricane Issac touching Florida and disrupting the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa. While hurricanes may seem to be no laughing matter, many secular individuals have wondered how the Republican Party — often thought to have the favor, according to some Republicans, of God — would respond to their national convention being interrupted by a natural disaster which was the work of God and/or something God could prevent.

Atheist Youtube satirist Edward Current, in light of Hurricane Issac and the Republican National Convention, recently created a Youtube video titled “Christian/GOP Hurricane Forecast” in which he plays a Christian meteorologist who is praying to God for prophecy while looking at computer models.

Current says that there is a 70% chance that the Lord will spare the GOP convention and help the United States and a 30% chance that the Lord will work in mysterious ways in a plan that is too complex to comprehend. Watch the short Youtube video below.

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