Christians create strange video including cardboard cutout of Dr. Peter Boghossian

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Youtube user ‘Vincen Levine’ released a strange video titled “Defend My Faith” in which two Christians accuse up-and-coming atheist speaker Dr. Peter Boghossian of demagoguery and intellectual abuse. This video has it all: ominous music, oddly placed text, and — to top it all off — a cardboard cutout of Dr. Boghossian.

The video begins with the text “There is a man threatening our faith” and includes a clip from one of Dr. Boghossian’s speeches in which he says “Faith-based belief processes are unreliable and will not lead one to the truth.” The first man in the video — sitting next to what seems to be a cardboard cutout of Dr. Boghossian — responds saying “I think the very idea of disabusing people of their beliefs is too far.” Following this, text reading “that our love for Jesus makes us DELUSIONAL” flashes across the screen.”

A second man then appears — absent of a cardboard cutout — saying “He is not a scientist, he has no knowledge.” Soon after, the first man sitting next to the cardboard cutout says “You hold a religious view, you are delusional, you need to leave that behind. Well, that’s a form of intellectual abuse, I think.”

Throughout the video, the words ‘demagogue’ and ‘brainwash’ flash across the screen in addition to the phrases “as Christians let us fill his void,” “testify God isn’t a LIE,” and TESTIFY how God touches our lives.” This video is like nothing I have seen before and is a must watch – especially if you are familiar with Dr. Boghossian’s work. At the time of posting, this video had approximately 250 views.

Dr. Peter Boghossian’s work was apparently so enamoring and objectionable that Christians created a cardboard cutout of him and produced a video attempting to discredit Dr. Boghossian.

For just two examples of Dr. Boghossian’s work, listen to the NEPA Freethought Society Podcast episode which I had hosted titled “Practical Strategies to Combat Faith” and his speech titled “Jesus, the Easter Bunny, and Other Delusions: Just Say No!” More information about Dr. Boghossian can be found on his Portland State University faculty page.

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