Episode 63: Interview with Musicians of Cellar Darling

Anna Murphy (songwriter, vocalist, hurdy gurdy player, and flutist) accompanied by Merlin Sutter (drummer and songwriter) joined me for a candid, humble, and insightful conversation – often coupled with laughter – about their applications of Stoicism in private and public life.

We explore overcoming adversity; the benefit of taking on challenges; creative expression; coping with negative emotions; balance between intense emotion and reason; self-reflection; finding meaning in life; courage; friendship, the importance of social connections; grief; death; anger; and mental health.

We also spoke about their appreciation for Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Epictetus which led them to include Stoic themes in their music namely in their song ‘Hullabaloo’ formerly titled ‘Tears of a Stoic’ among other songs on their new album ‘This is the Sound.’

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