Reason Rally 2016 Afterthoughts

I reflect on the 2016 Reason Rally following my experience in Washington D.C., respond to criticisms of the event, and comment on the state of the secular movement. I attended the 2016 Reason Rally to take a break from my usual schedule; have a fun social experience; connect and reconnect with people involved with atheism, […]

Video: Television appearance on religion in society

I recently appeared on the WFMZ-TV television program ‘Business Matters’ based in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley representing the NEPA (Northeastern) Pennsylvania Freethought Society for the segment ‘What is the Role of Religion in Today’s Society?’ I appeared on a panel discussion alongside a Catholic representing the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Evangelical Christian representing the Liberty Worship Center, a […]

An atheist’s thoughts on ‘God’s Not Dead 2’

‘God’s Not Dead 2,’ much like its predecessor ‘God’s Not Dead’ (read my thoughts on ‘God’s Not Dead’ here), advances the idea that contemporary Christians are persecuted for their beliefs largely by atheists in positions of power. Christians in ‘God’s Not Dead 2’ are painted as martyrs under attack who can lose everything as a result […]

Misericordia University atheism presentation transcript

Earlier today, I delivered a speech concerning atheism and the question ‘does God exist?’ to students studying intercultural communications at Misericordia University in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Below is a transcript of my talk. As always, feel free to leave comments below. — Thanks for having me today. I’m here to talk about atheism and my thoughts concerning […]

More on microaggressions

I reflect on microaggressions atheists may face and discuss my thoughts concerning conversation with those who may utter microaggressions. I authored a post titled ‘Microaggressions atheists experience‘ in early 2013 during my participation in a multicultural counseling class. Within the post, I listed some comments which may fall under the categories of microagressions — subtle messages […]