Biden directs religious propaganda at Islamic State

US - Africa Leaders Summit Continues In Washington DC By: Alex Wong Getty Images News
US – Africa Leaders Summit Continues In Washington DC
By: Alex Wong
Getty Images News

Joe Biden, remarking on the terrorist group Islamic State, recently invoked Christian religious messaging which very likely empowers Islamists.

This week, United States’ Vice President Joe Biden, during a speech in New Hampshire, offered religiously-infused remarks vowing — according to The Washington Post — retaliation toward Islamic State (IS) following its execution of two journalists. Among other remarks, Biden said, “… they should know we will follow them to the gates of Hell until they are brought to justice because Hell is where they will reside.”

Biden, in his official capacity as Vice President of the United States, should be not offering [uniquely] religious remarks when talking about national security and/or foreign relations. Instead, when offering official proclamations/speeches, Biden should remain neutral on matters of religion and exclude uniquely religious references from his remarks.

Further problematic, when mentioning Hell and vowing to condemn IS members to hell, Biden likely fuels — with his own religious propaganda — religious propaganda from Muslim terrorists and others who hate the United States because, among other reasons, they believe the United States has declared a war on Islam/Muslims.

Please, Vice President Biden and other government officials, exclude religious messaging from your public remarks, especially when your remarks harm the efforts of United States’ military forces likely legitimizing sentiments from Islamists who believe that the United States military forces efforts are religiously-inspired.



Justin Vacula

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