Send me to annual FFRF convention

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Newspaper article following a Freedom From Religion Foundation banner I helped erect in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Please help send me to the 2013 FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) annual convention by promoting and supporting my Indiegogo fundraiser.

Following is text and a video of my fundraiser script:

I am a post-graduate college student, atheist activist, and church/state separation activist from Northeastern Pennsylvania. I write at, speak at various conferences and events, co-host Brave Hero Radio on BlogTalkRadio, serve as co-organizer for the NEPA Freethought Society in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and have been working alongside the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) since 2011.

I seek to attend the FFRF annual convention in Madison, Wisconsin from September 27-29 of 2013 to provide independent reporting of the event and talk about my recent activism with the FFRF, upon request from the FFRF, during the convention’s Sunday morning business meeting.

I will report on the conference via live-tweeting, blog posts on, and live conference reporting on Brave Hero Radio [Friday reportingSaturday reporting]. I will also seek recorded interviews with well-known conference speakers and attendees.

Your donations will contribute toward expenses including hotel, airfare, cab fare, food, and miscellaneous costs. Donors — starting at the $5 level — will receive twitter shoutouts, personalized signed postcards from the conference, and bumper stickers.

All supporters will have the opportunity to talk with me via Skype following the event. Episodes of Brave Hero Radio – broadcasting live from the conference – will provide supporters with exclusive radio reporting, encourage listeners to call during live shows, and type in live chat.

Consider sharing this fundraiser on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+, forum communities, blogs, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, and other platforms. Help this fundraiser trend and follow its progress using #fundjustin on Twitter. All support and promotion is very much appreciated and makes a huge difference!

Funds raised above and beyond the goal will be used to cover monthly fees required to keep Brave Hero Radio online.

Thank you!

As always, free free to comment below.

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