Archived YouTube discussion with Dan Fincke

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Our discussion about feminism and controversies within the atheist/skeptic communities is now available – mirrored on my YouTube channel in addition to the original hosting on Dan’s YouTube channel.

Does atheism lead to beliefs about feminism?
What should the atheist movement be concerned with?
What are the concerns of particular feminists?
Is there good reason to suggest the atheist/skeptic communities are hostile to women?
Is there reason to doubt claims of harassment in the atheist/skeptic communities?
How should claims of harassment be handled?
Does ‘elevatorguy’ exist? Was asking for coffee in an elevator inappropriate?
Are anti-harassment policies needed for women to feel safe and welcome at conferences? Are such policies a good idea?
How can people respond to unwanted propositions at conferences?

Feel free to comment below and, if you can, leave timestamps concerning your comments if you comment on particular parts of the video.

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