Women in Secularism 2 fundraiser goal met!

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A short update:

The fundraiser launched to help send me to the upcoming Women in Secularism 2 conference has reached its goal thanks to 24 generous donors who, in total, contributed $1500 with 28 days remaining for the project!

As promised, 20% of the funds raised — $300 at the moment — will go to support Operation Smile. The promised ‘goods’ including special handcrafted necklaces by Karla Porter and signed conference swag will be mailed to respective donors. Exclusive interviews, as promised, will be recorded during or after the conference. Finally,¬†Damion on ‘Background Probability,’ at Skeptic Ink Network, is already discussing which t-shirt he will outfit me with (leaving part of the decision up to commenters) on the conference’s first day.

More formal thanks and more information, including what will be done with the excess monies (I’m highly considering giving it to Operation Smile although I am open to other suggestions) will be released at the end of the fundraising period and following the conference.

Unfortunately, I can’t, as far as I can tell, end the fundraiser now and send the $300+ donation to Operation Smile, so the fundraiser will remain open until 2/28/13. If you’d like to contribute more money to my expedition and further support Operation Smile, please feel free to do so through the fundraiser site linked above. To directly support Operation Smile, visit their website linked above.

Thanks! Stay tuned for updates and, as always, feel free to weigh in below.

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