Michael Voris: Anti-bullying campaigns are propaganda and militant gay terrorism

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I published an article on Examiner.com titled “Michael Voris: Anti-Bullying campaigns are propaganda and militant gay terrorism.” Read the first paragraph of the article below and visit the article’s page for the full article.

Michael Voris, host of “The Vortex” on RealCatholicTV.com, has recently released a video called “The ‘Bullying’ Scam” in which he asserts that anti-bullying campaigns lead by LGBT persons are filled with propaganda and based on lies. Voris argues that LGBT persons don’t really care about children or bullying, but rather are portraying children as victims and using them as “political tools to advance a perversity.” Anti-bullying initiatives lead by LGBT persons, Voris notes, are “part of a much larger campaign of militant gay terrorism.”  

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