Published Letter to the Editor “Marjolies should be allowed to speak at Scranton U.”

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On January 13, I published an article titled “Scranton bishop opposes speaker who encourages women to be politically active.” After writing, I submitted letters to the editor to my local newspapers. One was published today:


Bishop Bambera has recently objected to Majorie Marjolies – a former U.S. House of Representatives member – who is scheduled to speak at the University of Scranton in order to empower and educate women (and others) in the field of politics.

Bambera objects because, according to a diocesan release, Marjolies has been politically active with pro-choice initiatives.

The Diocese of Scranton, regardless of how much it may speak about the importance of education, is seemingly only interested in their own perspectives being presented with no opposition.

In a setting of higher learning, opposing viewpoints should be welcomed – save when pseudoscience like intelligent design or other nonsense is being presented as fact in classrooms – so that persons could challenge their own beliefs, keep themselves honest, and be exposed to new ideas.

Persons should be appalled by Bambera who is following in the footsteps of former bishop Martino.

Justin Vacula


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