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To be quite brief with a short post, I’ve met some very interesting people and networked at this weekend’s Pages and Places book festival this weekend. Thanks for your interest in my activism, my writing, and my ideas. While religion is one of the main topics that pops up in this blog, I talk about all sorts of topics regarding science, philosophy, and skepticism that are often relevant to our daily lives. While you might hold positions on some issues that are different than mine, please don’t be repulsed or discouraged. I aim to ‘attack’ ideas and arguments, rather than people, in my work. Challenge yourself and experience some new ideas that you may not have encountered before! Browse around and find something that interests you…I have quite an extensive amount of posts.

You can follow the tabs on the top of the page to learn more about me, my church/state battle in 2009 (nativity controversy tab), listen to various interviews and podcasts I have been a part of, and read articles I have published on Examiner.com.
As always, feel free to comment on anything! I love feedback and am happy to respond. Thanks so much for your interest!

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