#TAM2014 recap

#TAM2014 was a great experience. The long experience that was The Amazing Meeting (#TAM2014) has concluded. Thanks to fundraiser supporters and promoters — some of whom I was able to meet at the event — I was able to afford the conference excursion and archive the conference via Twitter – mostly in the form of […]

#TAM2014 fundraiser follow-up, success

Thanks to those who helped make my #TAM2014 fundraiser successful. Last month, I launched a fundraiser to facilitate my attendance at the James Randi Educational Foundation’s 2014 annual conference dubbed The Amaz!ng Meeting. The fundraiser was successful and, because of this, most of my expenses will be covered. During the conference I will meet with donors […]

69% of fundraiser goal reached

My fundraiser — “Send atheist and secular activist Justin Vacula to 2014 Amaz!ng Meeting” — has reached 69% of its goal with 13 days remaining. Thanks to funders John Bullock, Maja Leibovitz, Scott Van Hoosen, Philip Sipos, Michael K Gray, Sarah LaVorgna, Kay, and two anonymous contributors for donating to my fundraiser. Thanks to those […]

35% toward fundraiser goal

My “Send atheist and secular activist Justin Vacula to 2014 Amaz!ng Meeting” fundraiser reached 35% of its $1200 goal. Please donate to make this a success. Yesterday, I launched a campaign to raise funds for me attendance at the 2014 Amaz!ng Meeting hosted by the James Randi Educational Foundation in Las Vegas. Thanks to generous […]