‘Take it up with God’

I published a short video responding to the response of ‘take it up with God’ religious individuals offer when facing challenges to their religious beliefs. Rather than authoring a lengthy blog post — considering that I favor blog posts near 500 words — I opted to record a spoken word clip for YouTube. Enjoy and, […]

‘God changed my life’

I respond to religious believers’ claims that God, rather than human actions, improves individuals’ quality of life. I often hear religious believers, rather than personally taking credit for improving their quality of life, giving sole credit to supernatural forces; people will say they God changed their lives rather than saying they took steps to become […]

2014 National Day of Prayer protest experience

I recount my experiences protesting the 2014 Circle the Square With Prayer event on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre commemorating the National Day of Prayer. Due to the unprominent and late placement of the Freedom From Religion Foundation ‘Nothing Fails Like Prayer’ banner, this piece recounting my experiences — namely discussions — at the Circle the […]

God is very much unlike a Chess master

A response to the problem of natural suffering positing that God, like a Chess master, may have reasons people can’t understand are fraught with failure. I return here to a discussion about the problem of natural suffering — namely that the existence of egregious natural suffering in the world serves as evidence against an all-loving, […]

Decision-making processes are paramount – gambling and critical thinking

Critical thinking about gambling highlights the conclusion that decision-making processes, rather than results, are paramount. Critical thinkers — whether considering gambling, everyday decisions, or supernatural claims — should not focus on results on decisions, but rather the thought processes informing whether decisions are informed or not. In recent months, I became very interested in gambling, […]