Reflection on healthy eating

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The following is copied from a recent Facebook update I posted last night concerning healthy eating. Feel free to respond here or in the thread:

More of my food reflections as a mostly vegan frugal healthy eater:

I encountered a vast casino food menu today with many choices including a $60 steak, $50 scallops, $10 cheeseburger sliders, crab mac n cheese, loaded fries, and much more.

I saw most of this as unhealthy, unneded, and ostentatious. I saw lots of orders being placed and lots of food going to waste.

I was happy with finding a made-to-order $8 four topping salad and a $4 garden salad in a food court area to eat with my banana and protein bar I brought from home along with peanuts I can snack on later in the night if desired. I ordered the $4 salad today and will have the $8 salad tomorrow when I have more comps/food credit on my card. I drank water and had some coffee. There was no desire for energy drinks, soda, or alcohol. Both salads, too, would be covered with comps and given future play future salads would also be covered.

Years ago, before exercising regularly and not being concerned with health, I’d think about how the burgers, scallops, sliders, and fried food would taste good and would be filling. Now, it’s a much different perspective.

I don’t focus on gratification in the moment which will likely lead to unhealthy consequences and a larger monthly budget including spending I don’t find much value in. The large portion size seems really unneeded. I can’t be at ease with myself in consuming meat or seafood because I find it morally problematic given that I could have more sustainable food options and won’t be such an accomplise to animal suffering. I can eat healthier foods and likely enjoy better health benefits.

I’ll eat out or break from the protein shake, rice/pasta, fruit/veggie, salad routine on rare occasions, but even then I keep the spending low & do my best to eat healthy fair-sized portions. I would eat pizza here and there on social occassions, but cut that out more recently while also removing most dairy products.

Maybe you too can question food habits and live healthier…or post why you think I might be mistaken


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