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Much to the chagrin and perhaps much to the delight of my readers, I have accepted what turned out to be the written debate challenge from JD Curtis. Here’s my past take on the matter

In light of Dawkins’ refusal to debate William Lane Craig, I have considered some of my ideas and feel that arguments need to be addressed although I don’t think I’ll reconsider my closed-stance on refusing to debate people in public face-to-face settings who don’t have ‘credentials.’ Regardless, I’ve posted the following on the comments section of JD’s blog:

JD, I have ‘reconsidered’ by decision to debate you [and have sent a debate challenge to WLC myself]. Blog post of mine is upcoming.
Let’s work out the details. How about the topic “Does the Christian God exist?”
We can post our individual statements on our respective blogs and do this in a ‘correspondence’ matter of ‘one person posts, the next person posts’ in a minute length typed format
(opening statements from each – 10 minutes, rebuttals 10 minutes,
rebuttal responses 10 minutes
closing statements 5 minutes)
Here are some ideas I have:
Keep the discussion limited to the debate; don’t go pulling previous posts your opponent authored, but rather ‘start a new case’ and directly address what is in the debate.
48 hour response time to any given post.
No copy-pasting to form your arguments or rebuttals.
Any other ideas?

Want to do this?

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