Local reader argues naturalistic worldview is inadequate

I authored a letter to the editor titled “Natural Explanation for Flood Prevention” which was a response to a published article in which a local reverend claimed that prayer had something to do with stopping the September flooding in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I argued, in less than 250 words, that naturalistic explanations are better than supernatural explanations and, when we have a perfectly reasonable naturalistic explanation, we ought to reject a supernatural explanation. I quoted Theodore Shick in the letter who said, among other things, “You shouldn’t assume the existence of anything that’s not needed to explain the phenomena.” Read More

God and the Gettier Problem: If God existed, was theistic belief justified?

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In a short essay titled Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?, philosopher Edmund Gettier raised some concerns about, as you may have guessed, justified true belief and knowledge. For this post, I’d like to explore how Gettier’s essay relates to belief in God. If God happened to exist, can Christians rightly claim the ‘high ground’ and say that their belief in God was justified while atheists’ lack of belief was unjustified? Read More