The “Atheists.” bus ad controversy is a free speech issue, not a religious argument

Arguments regarding the truth value of religious claims have entered the controversy surrounding the “Atheists.” bus ad (see comments here) and some atheists in the comments section of the linked Times-Tribune article have taken the bait from some religious commenters who have levied personal attacks against atheists or otherwise have argued that there is good reason to believe that the Christian god exists. While I relish debates/discussions regarding the truth-value of religious claims [and have participated in a live recorded formal “Does the Christian god exist?” debate myself], view these discussions as very important, and encourage others to participate in said discussions, let us not be distracted from what the real issue is here surrounding COLTS: freedom of speech.

Theological Fatalism

I’ve finally updated my essay dealing the problem of theological fatalism – the contention that free will and an omniscient being, God, are incompatible. Enjoy.

For a more detailed investigation and more discussion of this issue, I highly recommend Dr. David Kyle Johnson’s paper — God, Fatalism, and Temporal Ontology — published in Religious Studies and his podcasts on this issue at Philosophy and Pop Culture.

Theological Fatalism

Tebow 3:16 – God Doesn’t Help Tebow Win

This post is from a guest contributer who wishes to remain anonymous.

This Tebow thing is really getting out of hand. I thought it might have ended when his winning streak ended and the Broncos lost to the Patriots, but in this weekend’s wild card game, it happened again. Tebow threw about a 10 yard pass through dropped coverage that was run 70 yards for a touchdown in the first play of overtime. This meant, given NFL rules, the Steelers wouldn’t even get a possession to try to answer, so the Broncos advanced into the playoffs…to play the Patriots, again. Read More

If God does not exist, are humans nothing more than ‘just animals?’

William Lane Craig — in premise one of his moral argument — argues, “If God does not exist, objective moral values and duties to not exist.” He reasons that morality simply is illusory — and quotes some philosophers who happen to agree — if God does not exist. ” Additionally, Craig argues that absent God, we are ‘nothing more than animals.’ Outside of the debating and academic world, concerns like this aren’t so uncommon amongst lay theists. Are these conclusions warranted? Is God needed to ‘redeem’ us from such a ‘lowly status?’ Read More