94: Thomas Sheedy with Atheists For Liberty

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Thomas Sheedy joins me to talk about his group which welcomes libertarians and conservatives championing individual liberty and secular government.

Sheedy is the President and Founder of Atheists For Liberty – a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational organization. Atheists For Liberty’s principles include individual liberty, religious freedom, a free exchange of ideas, the Constitution, and secular government. Unlike other atheist groups, Atheists For Liberty openly welcomes libertarians, conservatives, and centrists largely ignored and often stigmatized. Atheists For Liberty is also explicitly against social justice and wokeness championed by many on the political left.

I invited Thomas to join me to continue the discussion about injustice from episode 92 with David Silverman and episode 89 with Peter Boghossian. Thomas, Peter, and David show a high degree of courage speaking out against popular opinion and all warn us – as Stoic authors do – about the dangers of crowds and unexamined popular ideas.

We recorded our conversation at the end of May 2020. Since then, I’ve become the Public Relations Manager of Atheists for Liberty and am happy to support their cause!

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