48: Stoicism and Sustainability with Kai Whiting

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Kai Whiting

Today’s episode features special guest Kai Whiting who talks about his paper ‘Sustainable Development, Wellbeing and Material Consumption: A Stoic Perspective.’

University lecturer and researcher Kai Whiting joins me to chat about sustainability; Dieselgate, car buying decisions; Epitectus and ice cores; the need to understand the brain; and why you should give a man your old shoes among other topics.

The Stoic Philosophy Podcast aims to inform, empower, and help others benefit from practical wisdom of Ancient Greek, Roman, and modern thinkers including Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, and Seneca.

For the Stoics, a main focus is to attain a fulfilled life through practical applications of Philosophy – acting with good character, using reason to form accurate careful judgments about the world, and working towards contentment.

Stoic writers focus on many perennial human concerns and urge people to take action applying what they learn to everyday life. Self-improvement is central to Stoic thought – strengthening and improving one’s mindset.

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