Episode 11: Overcoming Adversity and Welcoming Challenge

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I released a new episode of my Stoic Philosophy series titled ‘Overcoming Adversity and Welcoming Challenge.’ Listen on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Drawing upon writings from Seneca, I talk about cultivating an appropriate mindset in which to overcome adversity and welcome challenge. I explore preparation; foresight; acceptance; avoiding self-defeating thoughts and actions; focusing on processes rather than results; mindfulness; bravery; personal growth; risk-taking; taking initiative; accomplishment; and balance in life.

My Stoic Philosophy series explores the philosophical tradition of Stoicism with goals to inform, empower, and help others benefit from the practical wisdom of Ancient Greek, Roman, and modern thinkers. I tackle many topics including handling adversity, finding meaning in life, working toward contentment, dealing with change, anger, and gratitude.

Access the clip though SoundCloud and YouTube:

Adversity and Challenge by Justin Vacula on Scribd

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I will be hosting a free open-to-the-public Stoic Philosophy discussion group on the topic of friendship on May 21, 2017 in Willow Grove, PA. More details are here.

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